Cathleen Bellerose - Pink Lotus Healing

License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
[email protected]     386.898.4967
Pink Lotus Massage and Wellness
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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Pink Lotus Healing Inc.
Cathleen Bellerose LPN LMT
On-Site Massage Therapy
Phone:  (386) 898-4967
Lic# MA71536/MM38144

"With 26 years as a nursing professional I felt I was just pushing pills and following the orders of the physician who rarely saw the patient.  With rising epidemic of opiod abuse people are looking for a more natural approach to pain relief."

YES! On-Site Massage really does work.  Pink Lotus Healing Inc. is locally owned and operated.  We specialize in corporate onsite massage therapy and Total Life Wellness. Dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of integrity to ensure a professional atmosphere.  Fully licensed and insured therapists will help your staff to reset their day.

Benefits of onsite massage:

  • A 15-minute break that's more effective than a cup of coffee!
  • Boosts employee/customer morale
  • Reduces tension, pain and improves circulation
  • Reduces number of sick days
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Relieves repetitive stress injuries

Did you Know ?

Massage is proven to reduce stress at the workplace!  Stress accounts for an estimated $200 billion dollars in lost productivity, work related accidents, workers compensation claims, medical and health insurance related costs.

  • Over 50% of lost work days and on the job accidents are stress related.
  • There are One million employees missing work per day because of stress!
  • 80% of industrial / construction accidents are stress related.

How can I incorporate massage into my workplace?

  • Corporate Sponsorship
      • Corporate sponsorship means that the company pays 100% of the costs associated with the program.

  • Employee/Corporate sponsorship (co-pay)
      • Employee/Corporate sponsorship means that the company and employee agree on a percentage that each will cover.

  • Employee sponsorship 100% employee paid

Chair Massage Fees

  • Per therapist $80/hour per therapist
  • Minimum of 2-hour session

* If needed we can work within your budget - wellness shouldn't break the budget!
*All lectures / learning modules are free with a 1-year commitment to quarterly chair massage (paid service)
*Your wellness program is tax deductible, once a month or quarterly is usually best, 5/10/15/20/30 minutes each.

[email protected]     386.898.4967
[email protected]     386.898.4967

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