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License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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Pink Lotus Massage and Wellness
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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CORPORATE Massage Events by Pink Lotus Massage and Wellness


For Seminars, Training, Holiday Parties, Grand Openings, Employee Incentive/Appreciation, etc.the Benefits of Pink Lotus Healing Event Massage Will Enhance and Improve Your Event.

Our Corporate Clients include:  BMW, Mercedes-Benz of Daytona, Gary Yeoman's Ford, FHP, IMCO trade show, Solar-Fit, Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce, City of Daytona Health and Wellness Fairs and the Country 500 VIP tent, Brown and Brown Insurance, Teledyne Oil and Gas and Tomoka Christian Church Tim Tibow Night of Dreams.

Benefits of Seated Massage:
Like a table massage, seated massage offers numerous benefits.  After a 15-minute chair massage session, clients can expect to see these kinds of results:

-Reduced muscle tension and knots
-Deeper breathing
-Headache relief
-Stress reduction
-Increased focus and attention

Because of results like these, and its portability, seated massage is a popular option for employers who want to improve productivity or morale.

Does Seated Massage Increase Employee Productivity?
Productive employees work hard, work smart, and check things off their to do list.  If you're a business owner or manager, you want your employees on their A-game as much as possible.

But rather than leaving it to chance (or hoping everyone got a good night's sleep or enough coffee) you can actually create an environment that supports the productivity you want to see.

What do you mean by "productivity"?
Let's break it down first, what's needed for someone to be productive?

-Mental focus
-Low stress levels
-Physical ease enough to focus on the task at hand

How does massage affect productivity?
No business owner wants to think about how much money they're paying employees to space out on the job while they deal with mental fatigue every day.  There is a fix for this.  The effects of 15-minute chair massage include:

-Increased mental focus
-Decreased levels of stress hormones such as cortisol
-Physical relief from muscle knots and soreness

Aside from the more obvious physical benefits of a chair massage, simply having 15 to 20 minutes to sit still in silence and relax does wonders to clear the mind of mundane worries and stresses.


1-2 hours:  $99 per hour
3-4 hours:  $89 per hour
5-6 hours:  $80 per hour

pay a $99 yearly autopay fee and get 15% off services

[email protected]     386.898.4967

[email protected]     386.898.4967

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