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License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
[email protected]     386.898.4967
Pink Lotus Massage and Wellness
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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Financial Services
New York Life
Sarah McAllister
Office:  (386) 275-1322
Direct:  (386) 846-1929
"Hello, my name is Sarah McAllister and I work with businesses and families to help them make responsible decisions with their money.  I'm a Florida native and love what I do.  Within Volusia County I participate in several groups to educate people on the importance of planning.  In today's age it's not only important to plan but to be strategic in the way you plan."

Topics Include

  • The Basics of Financial Vehicles:
      • We will discuss the difference between the most used investment vehicles, how to choose which vehicles are right for you, and provide clarity in the investment world.

  • How has Saving for Retirement changed?

  • Blueprint for Financial Success: *Includes Budget Worksheet
      • We will discuss the basics of financial/insurance planning and how to choose appropriate types of financial/insurance vehicles based on your situation.

  • Tax Diversify Your Retirement Plan:
      • Learn to maximize your employer benefits, minimize taxes and risk.

  • Guaranteed Income Solutions in Retirement:
      • Includes Estate Planning Checklist of How to create guaranteed income to cover basic expenses so that you don't run out of money in Retirement.

  • The Basics of Life Insurance:
      • Includes Life Insurance Needs Calculator Learn about the 4 different types of life insurance.

  • Extended Care Planning:
      • How to plan for extended health care events.  How to protect your assets from "High Assisted Living Costs". Discuss cost of care.

  • Maximize Your Social Security


[email protected]     386.898.4967
[email protected]     386.898.4967

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