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License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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Pink Lotus Massage and Wellness
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
License #'s:  MA71536 / MM38144
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I have been going to Cathleen every two weeks for deep tissue massage for about a year and a half, and have her come in to do chair massage for my employees about once a quarter. She is gifted, and is one of the few masseuses in the business I believe to have found her calling. Because she was a nurse for over 25 years, she also knows how to work the body from a medicinal standpoint. She is amazing!


I had shoulder pain for over a year, it was terrible I could hardly sleep at night. After one visit with Cathleen it was like a miracle - most the pain was gone. I am pain free now after 3 visits - amazing


I had an awesome massage by Cathleen today. I have had frozen shoulder for some time now, and after one massage I have almost full range of motion. Thanks, Cathleen!!!


My husband was injured in an accident with neck pain. He went to Pink Lotus Healing Center and the treatment he received was amazing.


I found Pink Lotus Spa on-line while searching for a unique birthday gift for my wife.  We had a couples massage that was top-notch.  Two therapists in a very relaxing setting.  I nearly fell asleep.

Enjoyed it so much, I arranged for a therapist to come to our office for a 3-hour employee-appreciation event.  Everyone loved their 10-minute chair massage and the therapist was very friendly and talented.

Will definitely invite Pink Lotus to be a part of future events.


Family Medicine Physician
FHCP Workforce Wellness

Every now and then, you run into a professional who found their calling that they were meant to do from God, and I believe that is the case with Cathleen. She was meant to heal and relax people. Previously, she was a nurse for over 25 years, which I believe contributes to her ability to heal. I have been going bi-weekly to see her for a year and a half, ever since I moved to the area. I make sure never to miss an appointment because her massage changes the course my work week. When I leave her studio, I feel clarity in my thoughts and a rejuvenated vitality in my body.

I'm such a believer in her that I hire her to come to my company to massage my employees. When she comes, they are so incredibly grateful. It's a joy for me to see them feel heaven.


I own a cleaning business and work very hard. I have not been keeping up on my self-care and have created knots in my neck and back. I have been too pink lotus twice now and feel like a new person. The knots are going away along with the headaches they brought. Cathleen is very professional and well trained in finding the areas that need the most work. I recommend her to anyone needing improvement in their body and I look forward to my appointments.


Cathleen is by far the best masseuse ever!!! I have suffered migraines all my adult life and since discovering her on groupon, I haven't had migraines since!! I HIGHLY recommend her plus she is such a joy and a pleasure to be around!!


[email protected]     386.898.4967

[email protected]     386.898.4967

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